2nd place at 4th stage of Russian Drift Series

10. 08. 2022

On August 6–7, the fourth stage of the RDS EUROPE championship took place. 49 athletes from all over Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan took part in the competition at the ADM Raceway near Moscow.

Clear weather only added difficulties to the qualifying day. Extreme heat created an additional burden on the participants, equipment and teams. However, this did not prevent Sergey Stilov from the Yuka ADV Pro Racing Team from taking 16th place and going into the Top 32.

The beginning of Sunday was also hot, but already at the Top 32 stage, the weather turned into the most changeable. Several times it rained for a short period of time, which made the track wet, slippery in places, and somewhere remained dry. In these unpredictable conditions, the struggle of the pilots became a battle of nerves, experience and absolute knowledge of their car.

The second place for Sergey Stilov was a real test of strength: he got all the drift tests: OMT and breakdowns, dry and wet tracks, but this difficult path ended on the second step of the podium.

The configuration at ADM Raceway is fast and spectacular, it is equally good to demonstrate the capabilities of technology and piloting skills. Most of the athletes took part in the second stage of RDS EUROPE a month and a half ago, so the track is familiar to them.

The fourth stage was judged by representatives of the STAR PER STARS AIMOL team: Sergey Kabargin, Boris Abramov and Ivan Potapov. The configuration repeated the second stage: fast, complex, with high-speed shifts. At the same time, the August race turned out to be unlike the June one. The new judging task and other weather conditions presented new challenges to the pilots: the drift weekend turned out to be breathtakingly interesting.

All pilots tried to show their maximum potential and qualify. The fight for winning points was intense: only two stages of the championship remained ahead.

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