Pleased to present our new pilot — Alexey Savin

06. 12. 2021

Yuka ADV Pro Racing Team is pleased to present our new pilot. This is Alexey Vitalievich Savin, a master of sports, a young, but experienced and titled athlete from Minsk (Republic of Belarus).

There are a few facts from his professional biography:
Alexey began his career in motorsport with an interest in karting in 2016. Then he joined the Grappa Motorsport team of Sergey Lapitsky Jr. (Minsk) and in the same year became the silver champion in the Honda-250 class.

Alexey has extensive experience in international competitions in different classes: winner of Prokart-2016 (Latvia), winner of the RotaxJunior class in the Prokart-2017 series, participant of FiaMotorGames-2019 (Rome, Italy) in the discipline of karting slalom.

The winner of the “Legends of the USSR” series of the Championship of Belarus (2017, 2019).

Awarded the title of Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus in 2020.

In 2020 and 2021, Alexey took part in a SMP RCRS championship (racing circuit russian series), where he repeatedly got the podium (only in 2020, 7 podiums out of 14!).

In the AHMAT RACE 2020, in Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic, Alexey, in a team with 3 other pilots, took 2nd place in the 4-hour race. And at the same race in 2021, together with A. Sevastyanov and A. Chachava, they took 1st place in the Touring-Light class.

Alexey’s professionalism, talent and willingness to work in a team, especially during performances as part of the united B-tuning Yuka Pro Racing Team, showed that cooperation with this racer will help us achieve high results together and adequately represent the brand at Russian and international competitions (on American and European tracks).
We are looking forward to Alexey’s first performances with the Yuka ADV Pro Racing Team.

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