Eventual success for the first season

12. 08. 2022

The Yuka ADV Pro Racing Team has completed its first winter racing season. Three team drivers participated in the Championship and the Cup of Russia ice racing series. They came in a good third in the team standings.

Alexey Savin, No. 66 in the 1400 class, Rustam Fatkhutdinov and Nikita Dubinin, Nos. 18 and 11 in the 1600 class, fought for the victory. In total, more than 40 drivers took part in the season. In five stages, the participants had to score maximum points.

“It was my first season in ice racing, and I had an unforgettable time. Most of all, I remember the Cheboksary stage, when we drove along the frozen Volga, and my first “decorated” roof (the car rolled over on a turn — editor’s note). It’s a pity that not all stages were open for attendance due to restrictions, but even at a distance, I could see our flags and tent and felt the team’s support. I made every effort to win, but the experience of my rivals took over. By next season I will work on the mistakes, and I think my result in individual events will be better.” — Alexey Savin says.

The stages of the competition were held in Togliatti, Cheboksary, Usady, and Naberezhnye Chelny. Coach Mikhail Grachev and the mechanics’ team worked with the drivers at each location. The sponsors provided substantial support to the team: “DRYDRY” company, TM “Business Menu,” “iCore,” “Oka” organic synthesis factory, “SBT-ALLIANCE”  and “Tanais.”

The Yuka ADV Pro Racing Team would like to thank the entire team and sponsors, without whom a run of success in the season would not be possible!

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