Moscow Raceway Results: difficulties and victories

25. 08. 2022

On August 20 and 21, Moscow Raceway hosted the G-Drive Speed Festival of the SMP RCRS, which combined races of all classes at the Russian Cup, as well as the RAF Cup. For the first time in a season, more than 100 best pilots of Russia gathered at one circuit to hold 13 races.

Technical problems for the Yuka ADV Pro Racing Team began from the very beginning: Alexander Salnikov’s engine broke down: he was given a spare. Then, at the last qualifying session, Alexey Savin’s engine fell apart. Mechanics worked at night to put another one. And when Alexey had already finished the training session, and the team was putting the car on, it suddenly caught fire, the starter burned out. Again, it took several hours to repair.

These difficulties did not prevent Alexey Savin from taking 2nd place in the qualification and setting the best lap time on Hyundai Solaris car – 1.54.6. Alexander Salnikov took 8th place.

The first race for Alexey was successful, he came in 4th place. The first three prizes were taken by cars with a turbocharged engine. According to the pilot, no one has the opportunity to catch up with them, so the fight escalates beyond the winning places.

The second race started with other car problems for the team’s pilots.

“In the first corner, Artem Fridman turned me around, and I broke through from the tail of the peloton. But in that collision, the radiator was damaged and after 4 laps my engine boiled – I could not continue the race, ”says Alexander Salnikov.

Aleksey Savin, even before leaving the starting grid, discovered problems with the gearbox, while the mechanics were fixing it, Aleksey had to miss the start and leave the very last behind the S-1600 class. As a result, Alexey came in 9th place. But already after the races, all three winners had the results of the race canceled due to non-compliance with the technical requirements, and Alexey’s place changed to 6.

At the moment, Alexey Savin takes 11th place in the Championship grid, Alexander Salnikov – 8th.

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