Stage 3 of the St. Petersburg Drift Cup

12. 08. 2022

On July 23-24, a real sports celebration popped at the Igora Drive racetrack: engines roared, rubber smoking, dizzying speeds. On a unique track, experienced athletes and debutants showed their skills at the third stage of the Igora Drive Drift Challenge.

According to the qualification results, 32 drivers with the highest points were allowed to participate in the elimination pair races. Sergey Stilov of the Yuka ADV Team made it to the TOP 32 from 25th place, scoring 65 points.

— To win, you need to be calm and do everything in a measured way. So that the technique does not fail you, and for this, we need a good team,” the driver notes. — My team’s the best. My mechanics have been assembling the car for a whole month, and for the last week, they have been working late into the night so that everything is ready for the competition.

Both experienced pros and ambitious debutants took part in the competition. In addition to the races, a photo zone, food trucks, an auto exhibition, a large screen with a live broadcast, and a lounge area were organized for the audience.

During the race break, you could walk around the service park, see how cars are being prepared for the races, participate in the drivers’ parade, sign memorabilia and take pictures with the motorsport stars.

Pair races are the most anticipated and intense, and the drivers need to act in two roles: the leader and the pursuer. The attempts assess the performance of the judges’ tasks and how the drivers acted in dynamics, and how closely and accurately they repeated the car’s movements.

 — I drove well in the TOP 32 and TOP 16. Artem Leitis got into the TOP 8 and took first place in the competition. I knew he was a strong enough driver, but I didn’t blow off the wheels enough. My car was worse in pace, so as a pursuer, I couldn’t catch up with him,” Sergey Stilov says right after the race.

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