The 5th stage, RDS Europe in Nizhny Novgorod

29. 08. 2022

On August 27-28, the fifth stage of RDS Europe took place in Nizhny Novgorod at the NRing Circuit. 55 pilots from all over the country took part in the competition. On Saturday, single qualification races were held. On Sunday, the Pilots’ Parade, Autograph session and pair races took place. Spectators were waiting for Top 32, Top 16, Top 8 and, finally, the hottest final fights of the penultimate stage in the 2022 season.

The judges of the 5th stage were the Moscow Sport team: Fedor Dzezhits, Evgeny Ruzheinikov and Sergey Shcherbakov.

According to the results of the first day, 32 pilots passed the qualification, the best result was shown by Schneider Leonid – 97 points. Sergey Stilov, representing the Yuka ADV Pro Racing Team, scored 81 points and took 30th place in the rating. According to Sergey, the configuration of the track was very interesting, with a steep setting, where you could put a big angle. Two arcs, one of them was very large. Then comes the fly, and the configuration ends on a hill.

“In the beginning, everything went according to plan, the first race we had was 81 points. Then we planned to improve the position, but this did not happen: we did not cope with the setting and the whole race broke down from this. But the main thing is that we passed the qualification, let’s see who is stronger in the pair races,” said Sergey Stilov’s spotter, Georgy Safronov.

In pair races, Sergei Stilov competed with Nikolai Gorkovenko, who took 3rd place in the qualification. The first races of the pilots seemed equally strong to the judges, so OMT was appointed.

“In the second run, I was determined to win and did very well, but at the end I got lost a little in the smoke and flew out onto the grass, this was a critical mistake. Only my opponent’s mistake could save me, but he drove cleanly,” Sergei Stilov commented on his race.

In the Top 16, the judges passed Nikolay Gorkovenko, and Sergei Stilov had the opportunity to spend his time with fans, chat and take photos.

During the break, the audience was treated to an entertainment program in the tent of the Yuka ADV Pro Racing Team: contests with prizes, dancing music and a Ask-a-question session with the team’s pilot.

The next stage of the competition will take place in Ryazan on the famous Atron Circuit. This stage will be the finale of the entire RDS Europe season.

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