The team’s debut in drift competitions

12. 08. 2022

The Yuka ADV Pro Racing Team took part in the first stage of RDS Europe, which was held at the Atron track in Ryazan on May 14-15. At the competition, the team was represented by the new driver Sergey Stilov. In total, more than 50 drifters showed up in the first stage.

The RAF Drift RDS Europe Trophy is the “younger brother” of the Russian Drift Series Championship Grand Prix. The Grand Prix stretched over seven stages this season, and RDS Europe over six. Meanwhile, the organizers tried to render both competitions as fascinating as possible. In addition to different weekend dates, only two stages out of six for RDS Europe will be held in the same location as the RDS GP.

Ryazan welcomed the RDS Europe season opening at the Atron International Circuit. On the first day, there were training and single qualifying races. During the qualification, each pilot had to score maximum points to get into the TOP 32. Of the two possible attempts, the most successful one was considered.

Sergey Stilov scored 65 points and was ranked in the TOP 32 in 27th place. The drift pair races began on the second day, and the drivers also had two attempts. As a result, the judges decided which pair went further to the TOP 16. The drivers did the races synchronously: one as a leader, the second as a pursuer. On the second attempt, they switched roles.

Our driver was paired with Alexey Kozlov. Both drivers skillfully managed the races, and the judges had to name the leader. They appointed an OMT (additional race), and as a result, the advantage was given to Alexey.

Alexey Kozlov became a strong contender and took first place at this competition stage.

Despite cutting out, Sergey remained optimistic: “OMT is not assigned that often, and I think this is a good sign – it means I was able to pass at the winning level for the first stage. I got a huge energy boost from the competition. I need to continue training, and at the next stage, I will demonstrate even better results!”

The next stage of RDS Europe will be held in Moscow at the ADM Raceway on June 18-19.

We thank the sponsors and fans for their support!

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