The Yuka ADV Team performed at the second stage of the G-Drive SMP RCRS series

12. 08. 2022

On July 9 and 10, the N-Ring circuit hosted the G-Drive SMP RSKG Speed Festival. More than 90 of the country’s best drivers got two races per weekend, and in between races, the organizers an extensive show program between races. And those who could not personally attend the competition could watch the races on MATCH TV Channel!

On Friday, when qualifying races were held for all classes, Belarusian racer Alexey Savin said: “The N-Ring track is quite short for circuit racing, but at the same time it challenges. Rivals get treacherous, so you don’t get to relax.”

In Saturday’s combined race of the Touring-Light and S1600 classes, the weather exacerbated the rivalry and prompted the drivers to make mistakes. At the very beginning of the race, it was raining, and the asphalt was almost dry in the second.

“The first race was going great for me until lap 12. I was already driving in the 5th or 6th position. With my pace, I could take 3rd place. I drove up to Alexander Salnikov, but suddenly, without touching, I broke down. Because of this, I had to continue the race on three cylinders, and the car’s power decreased significantly. Even with the drying track, I was driving 5-6 seconds slower than my own time before the breakdown,”— Alexey Savin told us right after the race.

As soon as the car slowed down, the driver informed the spotter. Around the circle, the mechanics discussed what exactly could have broken. Still, it was decided to continue the race to get points, and in the end, Alexey arrived only ninth.

The racing program on the final day of the Speed Festival consisted of four races. Two races were held in the SMP GT4 Russia class. The winners were also determined in the Touring, Super-Production, and Touring Light classes and the S1600 races.

In the second race, Alexey Savin did not start promisingly but immediately corrected and took a very favorable trajectory in the first turn, thanks to it he drove around four cars at once, after the mistakes of rivals and some successful overtaking, Alexey drove half a lap to 4th position. Still, due to overheating tires, the pace dropped slightly, and two rivals found themselves faster at that moment. Repeating his success of 2020 and not giving his rivals a chance to get ahead, Alexey defended his position and finished the race 6th.

Alexey says: “I was generally satisfied with the weekend, except that the breakdown in the first race upset me a little, but I got momentum, didn’t lose in the fight, and I had interesting races, so my mood’s good.”

Every year, the fight for the title of Champion and winner of the Cup of Russia heats up to the limit. Each race gave us fast starts, overtaking, breathtaking collisions, and unexpected finishes! About seven thousand people visited the circuit in two days.

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