Two Cups on the spot!

12. 08. 2022

On April 8, the final of the amateur competition, “SMP RSKG Kartin Cup,” sponsored by the advertising agency YUKA ADV, was held on the MIKS Karting Moscow track.

Driver Alexey Savin participated in the Cup event with the Yuka ADV Pro Racing Team.

For several months, the fastest karters competed for the title. Seventy-two drivers took part in the final stage, and 142 athletes participated in the season—twenty-four drivers of the SMP RSKG, the friendly fixtures athletes, and young amateur karters.

Stage 5 was held in agonizing suspense – odds of winning were high for many. The continuous race lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes and ended with a storm of applause.

Team No. 7  won the Silver in the final stage.

Following the results of the whole season, Alexey also became one of the best drivers of the Cup. He took second place in the individual standings!

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